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Connecting people and communities with investments that keep us active and engaged with nature and our neighborhoods.

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Explore and connect on our area's greenways

Triangle Trails is a collaboration between government, business, anchor institutions and civic leaders to make the Research Triangle Region a national leader in greenways and trails. The goals of Triangle Trails are to help plan, build, use, and promote the extensive network of greenways and trails found throughout our 15-county region.

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Find your favorite trail with Triangle Trailblazer

Triangle Trailblazer is a program of Triangle Trails that is designed to engage residents and encourage all of us to get outdoors and explore the extensive regional greenway network. As we launch the program, we will begin by featuring ONE signature greenway in each of the 15 counties.


We want you to explore each of these 15 greenways, and as part of your journey, please be sure to stop, eat, drink and shop at businesses in the communities that host these greenways. So, what are you waiting for? Download the App today. Get outside and explore these wonderful greenways.

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Discover our area's beautiful greenways

The Triangle Trails Initiative connects the greenways of 15 North Carolina counties.

Click a link below to discover what each county has to offer.


Woodland Path
American Tobacco Trail

One of North Carolina’s longest, continuous, urban greenways, the American Tobacco Trail was originally envisioned in 1992. It took more than 20 years to fully connect the 23 miles of trails through Durham, Chatham and Wake counties. This is one of the most popular and well used greenways in our state. The trail is built on the former railroad bed of New Hope Valley Railroad. The Triangle Rails-to-Trails Conservancy, founded in 1989, began working to preserve the corridor and transform it into the wonderful asset that it is today. There are numerous trailheads along the 22-mile trail providing access for hikers and bikers. The southern portions of the trail in Wake County also support equestrian use.

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